iOS 11 Bugs, Make User Typo When Typing

Users of iOS 11 again faced with a bug that makes it wrong in typing (typo). While they are typing certain letters system auto-correct keyboard iOS showing inappropriate choices. Quoted from Phone Arena, when typing the word ‘ it ‘ features auto-correct and even turn it into a ‘ T ‘ I.. Despite having rebooting the device, typo is still emerging. Some Apple clients with gadgets running iOS 11.1 are finding that writing the letter “I” autocorrects to an “A” with a Unicode [?] image.

iOS 11 Bugs, Make User Typo When Typing

Reddit client TheCravin recorded the bug and said that Apple’s prescient console include recommends an arbitrary character like “A,” “#,” or “!” took after by the Unicode image, and afterward consequently replaces the “I” unless the client makes the restorative move. TheCravin noted in any case, that when attempting to duplicate the autocorrected content, the glue redressed the content back to “I.” The bug appears to influence iMessage and different applications including Twitter and Instagram too.

In addition to the ‘ it ‘ in other words, which is also contracted by the bugs ‘ is ‘. The pattern of changes is the same i.e. to ‘ i. S ‘. However the error pengetikkan can still be resolved by doing settings. The trick is to go into the settings menu, select General, and then select the Keyboard, Text Replacement, and change to ‘ it ‘. The same also applies to the wrong words when typing ‘ is ‘.

If you still have not provided a solution, there are other ways that are more convenient to stop it. Turn off option auto-correction in Keyboard settings by accessing the settings, then General, and Keyboard. There users of iOS 11 could find diverse settings that can be selected when typing. By shifting the toggle auto-correct then the keyboard will no longer give you the choice of words. The bug that made the typo earlier had ameliorated the Apple through the renewal of the operating system. Early last November, Apple released iOS 11.1.1 which also brings new features to iPhone users.

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